Destination Wedding : Bali, June 2015

When we arrived at the Villa in Bali where Heidi and Paul chose to hold their wedding, my first impression was how beautiful the back garden was – lush green grass, strategically placed trees letting in the perfect amount of light…… I felt like lying on the day bed and spending the day absorbing it. We had to keep moving though, so we headed through the house to the front of the villa where there was an infinity pool and unspoiled views of the Indian Ocean. The back garden must have been good, because I thought it gave some really good competition to the ocean and pool views.

Heidi did an amazing job of organising the wedding from Australia and got some fantastic vendors including Florette Bali who did a great job of all the flowers. We got to join the wedding party for dinner and were really impressed by how fantastic the buffet food was. Everywhere you turned your eye at the Villa, you could see beauty – from the four poster beds with intricate carvings, to the wedding table decorations on the lawn overlooking the pool and ocean views.

We feel grateful to have gotten to know Bali better and after spending a week there we came home feeling incredibly peaceful. Bali is not a destination either of us have ever considered, however we got to see a side of it which made a great holiday – I can see why so many people we know continue to return. Having seasoned visitors give us tips on what to do there was definitely helpful and I would recommend it if you are heading there for the first time. In contemplating our time there, I would have to say that what really stood out to us and made the destination so great, is the peaceful lives of the local Balinese people – their happy, smiley faces and disposition really made Bali a great place for a holiday and a destination wedding.

Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-19a Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-20 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-21 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-02 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Villa-Cayaha-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-31 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-23 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-1a Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-02a Wedding-Photography-Bali-Villa-Cayaha-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-30 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-18 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-29 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-27 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-26 Wedding-Photography-Bali-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Inspiring-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-1b Wedding-Photography-Bali-Villa-Cayaha-Wedding-Photography-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine-Coast-Orange-Sunshine-Photography-Film-Inspiring-06